i am being bullied

because i am

i am feeling helpless. like there is no possibility this hurt will end…



iampossible was founded by brittany mason, an international model and spokesperson, based on her own experience of being bullied as a teen.


our mission is to empower victims of bullying, unite communities and inspire people to take leadership roles to stop bullying.


we believe teaching people to respect differences is at the core of eliminating the social epidemic of bullying.

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we provide resources for victims of bullying.




text START to 741-741

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we are bringing communities together to stop bullying thru engaging events

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we aim to inspire people to take action against bullying and promote inspiring stories of those who have taken leadership roles. we call our leaders…

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we celebrate and award young role models who have overcome adversity and are actively making a difference by taking on leadership roles to stop bullying in their community